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This is the photo community of optical_poetry, which is the photo account of craigbaldwin, all a bit confusing.

Simply join, if I know you, or someone else says that they know you, I will accept it, this is a moderated membership, requests for membership are put through me first so you may not be able to join immediately.

This is a friend related community, if you're a friend of mine, or a friend of a friend then feel free to join, then post photos of whatever (keep it reasonable), I like photos you see and I'd like to see yours on whatever you get up to, plus it's a good way of keeping in touch through pictures, seen as they speak 1000 words, which is more than I'm ever likely to say.

All entries must be lj-cut where the photos are for the sake of good lookingness.
If you don't know already it's < lj-cut text="Link Text" > then end with < /lj-cut >, remove spaces to activate. It's just more social that way.
All photos in the lj-cut must be numbered for ease of commenting.
Would it also be possible to use the entry title box to give an idea of what it's about, for the index on the left for easy navigation, it looks neater than '(no subject)'.

Thank you and enjoy.